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March 10th – Remus is born.


Remus is bitten by Greyback.



Voldemort's power grows.


September 1st - Remus starts his first year at Hogwarts.


Remus becomes a Prefect at the start of his fifth year.

Building the Future

Sirius runs away from home and is disowned by his family.

Sirius, James, and Peter learn to become Animagi.


June - James and Sirius publicly humiliate Severus.


September – The Marauder's Map is written.

Sirius uses Remus in a prank that almost gets Severus killed.


In Twenty Years

June – The Marauders sits their NEWTS and leave Hogwarts.


September – Sirius gets his own house.


Lily and James are married.


Peter becomes a spy.

Regulus attempts to leave the Death Eaters and is killed.


July 31st – Harry is born.


Circa October 24th – The Fidelius charm is cast.

October 31st – James and Lily are murdered.

Circa November 1st – Peter fakes his own death, killing twelve muggles. Some time after, Sirius is taken to Azkaban.

Hollow Catharsis

Twenty Pounds


September 1st – Remus becomes a Hogwarts professor, at age 34.


June 6th – Peter is exposed.

June 7th – Remus resigns.

Umbridge crafts anti-Werewolf legislation making it almost impossible for him to get a job.

Two Letters


August 6th – The Advance Guard retrieves Harry. Remus is 36.



May – Sirius is murdered.

Nothing Left

ten reasons to go (ten reasons to stay)


June – Dumbledore is killed.

Remus and Tonks are married. Remus is 38.


August 1st – The Ministry falls.

Fall - Tonks becomes pregnant.


Ted Tonks is killed.

Ted Lupin is born.

May 2nd – Remus and Tonks are killed.

Luceti 4

[in Building 3, a journal picks up soft moaning and shuffling; eventually, something coherent, soft and confused]


[he's in their bed, covered in blankets and bandages; there isn't much pain anymore, but he feels as if he hasn't moved much for some time]


Luceti: Fourth Wall

[Remus steps out of the library and into a cacophony of confusion; a quick skim of his journal reveals nothing much, only that there's been a sudden flood of new arrivals

soon enough he's wandering carefully through the chaos, grateful that he knows the town rather well by now; he keeps an eye out for anyone who needs help, or is causing trouble]

PROMPT: Shopping List

Remus knows a shopping list is essential when sending Sirius to Diagon Alley; otherwise he'll get distracted and buy everything but what he ought to. (There'll be a bit of that anyway, but this is always a handy way to curb it.)

It feels very normal, very domestic, sitting at the little desk and swirling his quill in an inkpot, gazing pensively at a list of objects to make a house a home.

One DayCollapse )

Luceti 3 [Voice]

[Filtered to people from the Wizarding World; forty percent hackable]

[his voice is soft, but firm]

I know it's tempting to go back home – to see the people we've left behind, to get back to our studies and responsibilities.

I do not, however, think we should take this letter at face value. Quite aside from trusting whoever sent it, the letter claims that our absence is affecting our worlds.

We know this isn't true. Some of us are from the same time but most of us aren't, and we know none of us simply disappeared. That decades after it would have happened, the world isn't ending.

Whoever wrote it is manipulating us, and that doesn't bode well for their intentions.

Luceti 2

[Remus is sitting outside House 3, leaning against the wall as he peruses his journal for all he's missed in the past few days; he's enjoying the sunshine and cool air through his thick cloak

he's paler than usual, with shadows beneath his eyes

one may notice he holds the journal rather awkwardly, that occasionally he winces or flinches, but they're restrained, fleeting moments]


Luceti I [Voice/Action]

[a New Feather silently approaches the village from the woods; he wears the standard trousers of new arrivals, and his pale, heavily scarred chest is bare

in one hand is a faint, flickering ball of flame; it extinguishes as he enters the square

in the other hand he loosely holds the book

he observes the village with wary curiosity]

Well, this isn't what I was expecting.


There are seers among the pack.

It's not the sort of divination he detested at Hogwarts, far from it; there are no tea leaves here, no crystal balls, no theatrical sweeping of arms or lofty whispers. There are only the stars and the moon and the feral forest curling defensively around them.

Their voices are soft and strong, eyes wise and wild; there is a grace to them that so starkly belies the monsters they've embraced. He is wary of them, of course, but they treat him no differently than the others; do they not realise he's a spy, an interloper, or do they see that it's inconsequential?

As time goes on, he learns to trust them as they appear to trust him. He forges a new family without abandoning the first, the second. He feels guilty about all of them.

He tries not to ask, he really does, but with precious pictures in his robes and an infant's laughter in his memory, he can resist no longer. He approaches her with appropriate deference, voice pitched low, gaze bearing respect he needn't fake.

"Will we be alive, in twenty years?"

He thinks he understands their answer when the pack is savaged months later; when his influence has saved their integrity but not their lives. When he weeps over a child's corpse and clasps an elder's cooling hand.

He knows he does when the war ends.